Top-Ten-Tips For Picking A Great Network Marketing Company

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By JJ Birden and Ben Stephenson


Given the current economic climate, the concept of creating “multiple streams of income” makes a lot of sense. One of the best and most cost-effective ways of accomplishing this goal is to start a network marketing (also referred to as multi-level marketing, and social marketing) business. The advantages are:

  •  Low operating cost
  • Duplicable Success System
  • Mentoring/Coaching from established leaders
  • Ability to purchase products for personal consumption at reduced costs
  • Use of financial leverage
  • Creation of Residual Income
  • No cap to income potential
  • No employees
  • No or limited inventory
  • Geographic portability
  • Flexible hours
  • With thousands of potential opportunities in the network marketing space, how do you pick the right company for you?


Here are ten tips for making a great decision:



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