Warren Wandling offers a variety of high impact topics to choose from:

  1. Overcoming Obstacles
  2. Team Building 
  3. Awakening Significance – Unlock the 5 Laws to Your Hidden Potential 

Information to share with your team:

Meet the Trainer

Warren Wandling, Communication Expert, National Speaker and Emotional Endurance™ Coach, inspires others to bring purpose and significance to their work and life.  He is known for delivering his material with high energy, while providing information that is relevant, impactful and results-oriented.

As an Emotional Endurance™ Coach, Warren trains professionals to identify limiting beliefs and face their fears in order to achieve RESULTS.  Warren empowers and assists others in developing a strategic plan, which takes one’s business and life to a new level of success.

Warren will inspire your team to become “OBSTACLE BUSTERS”, as he shares how he overcame a personal health challenge, which threatened his career.  After hearing his message, you too will have the tools required to become an OBSTACLE BUSTER!

Warren has been teaching Leaders how to double their productivity for over 20 years!  

 If you have questions, give Warren a call 913-406-9509