How to Become an Obstacle Buster- Steve McCann

Host Warren Wandling takes you behind the scenes to get to know a variety of leaders and the keys to their success. Discover how Leaders Overcome their Obstacles to achieve success. In this episode, Warren introduces you to  Steve McCann.


Episode 005

Steve McCann

 Author Steve McCann has the benefit of more than two decades in sales, enjoying numerous awards and national recognition as a top sales performer in the Fortune 100 arena.


He is a nationally recognized authority in the skill of sales prospecting.  His work in this area is featured in hundreds of sales and personal development publications worldwide alongside other top experts including: Jeffrey Gitomer, Nido Qubein, Andrea Nirenberg, John David Mann, Jim Rohn, Laurie Brown, Tom Hopkins and many others.


Steve is author of the book, Client-Conscious Prospecting How to Overcome Call Reluctance and Reach Your Full Sales Potential. In addition he has authored the goal mastery CD program, The Snap Back Effect How to Propel Yourself to Record Goal Achievement.


Steve McCann

Professional Speaker/Trainer

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