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Podcast – How to Become an Obstacle Buster 

How to Become an Obstacle Buster Interview Series, host Warren Wandling takes you behind the scenes to get to know a variety of leaders and the keys to their success.  Discover how leaders overcome their obstacles in order to achieve success.

Episode 024 

Betsy Allen-Manning

Featured on FOX, CBS, ABC & NBC, Betsy Allen-Manning, aka, “The Personality Expert”, is a Leadership Speaker, best selling author, & TEDx Presenter. Betsy has trained leaders of multi-billion dollar corporations, such as BMW, Toshiba & the US Dept. of Defense, on how to communicate effectively, influence ethically & impact humanity through understanding personality styles.

 In this episode with Betsy Allen-Manning you will:
  • Understand the greatest obstacle her clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to her success.
  • Learn how she overcame a personal obstacle
  • Discover her “Secret Sauce” to help leaders communicate effectively.
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business – from her experience in launching BetsyAllen-Manning.com.

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Resource for  Becoming an Obstacle Buster

  • FaceBook training-My friend Jacob Salem, who is the Digital Marketing Expert behind the Zig Ziglar’s brand, is GIVING away tips from his 4 Cylinder Strategy that you can implement into YOUR business immediately.
 Episode 023

Joel Boggess  

Joel Boggess is a speaker, author, and an award-winning podcaster.

He teaches people how to ignite their courage, take bolder steps, and get greater results.

His latest book, Finding your Voice, hit the #1 spot in the success and self-esteem categories and was spotlighted by the editors of Success Magazine and included as a Success Book Summary.

His podcast, ReLaunch:

  • Named by Podcasters’ Paradise – “Most Inspirational” two years in a row;
  • Mentioned in Huffington Post as being 1 of the top 5 shows to tune into for inspiration;
  • Mentioned in Inc as one of the top 20 business podcasts of 2015.

Joel’s motivational content and practical how-to pieces have appeared on Success.com. in Networking Times and in Huffington Post.

Originally from San Antonio, Joel and his wife Pei live in Texas, and have a Golden Retriever and a Golden rescue, Bubba and Happy.

 In this episode with Joel Boggess, you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business from his experience in launching the podcast Relaunch
  • Discover the authors that influenced his business success

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Resource for  Becoming an Obstacle Buster

  • FaceBook training-My friend Jacob Salem, who is the Digital Marketing Expert behind the Zig Ziglar’s brand, is GIVING away tips from his 4 Cylinder Strategy that you can implement into YOUR business immediately.


Episode 022 

Mick Carbo

As the founder and head coach of Carbo Coaching, Mick brings to the table his 19 years of experience navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship.  He helps entrepreneurs and business leaders effectively grow and lead their teams to victory.  Through Mick’s coaching, leaders learn how to think bigger, be bigger and create unprecedented results.  From owning and operating businesses in multiple industries, to loving and caring for his wife and 3 children he knows what it takes to live a fulfilled and successful life both personally and professionally. 
To find out more about Mick and his work check out: www.CarboCoaching.com

In this episode with Mick Carbo you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success
  • Mick shares a personal story and how he overcame his obstacles to achieve success
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business from his experience in launching Carbo Coaching
  • Learn what authors influenced him in his business.

Connect with Mick Carbo

Episode 021 

Jim Padilla

Jim is a Master Sales Trainer, an Expert Team Builder and a Launch Specialist. With more than 20 years’ experience building teams and leading them to success Jim has an impressive track record of achieving sales results.

As one of the industry’s leading authorities on all things launch, Jim and his team have led dozens of entrepreneurs to huge launch success; driving sales and surpassing goals and expectations. Having shared the stage with Jay Abraham and Les Brown, Jim brings an exceptional level of experience and talent to the world of sales. Jim’s God given talent and nature allow him to inspire his team and partners to achieve their full potential.

In this episode with Jim Padilla you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success.
  • Learn how staying in your comfort zone can cost you your goals. 
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business – from his experience in launching the Done-For-You Sales service. 
  • Learn what authors influenced him in his business. 

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Episode 020 

Chris Widener 

Chris Widener is widely recognized as one of the top speakers in the world today. He has spoken all over the world in places like Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Egypt, Singapore, Australia and of course, all over the United States and Canada. Chris speaks to groups as small as 100 and as large as 25,000 people. His clients are a “who’s who” of American businesses and organizations, including notables like General Electric, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and the Harvard Business School. Chris’ dynamic, practical and engaging speeches will have your audience laughing one minute and learning timeless truths of success the next. Chris was hand selected by two of the legends of the speaking world to work with them and he now carries on their legacy. Jim Rohn, one of the most successful speakers of the last 50 years, and also known for being Tony Robbins first mentor, made Chris his last protege and worked with Chris the last seven years of his life. Chris and Jim co-authored the Jim Rohn One Year Success Plan as well as Jim’s last book, The Twelve Pillars, which has become an international best-seller. Jim called Chris “The Leader of the next generation of personal development and leadership experts.” Zig Ziglar, considered to be the greatest motivational speaker of the 20th Century, personally chose Chris to co-host his television show, True Performance. Chris’ two books, The Angel Inside, and The Art of Influence are the only two fiction books Zig Ziglar endorsed in his entire life. Along with co-hosting True Performance, Chris also hosted his own show, Made for Success, where he interviewed some of the top business achievers and thought leaders of our time. Chris considers it a privilege to be able to speak to people and help them lead successful lives, and to become extraordinary leaders and masterful salespeople.

In this episode with Chris Widener you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success.
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business – from his book Twelve Pillars
  • Learn how Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar impacted Chris Widener’s Life

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Episode 019  

Jacob Salem 

Jacob Salem is the digital marketing expert behind the Zig Ziglar presence online. Jacob grew the Zig Ziglar Facebook page to over 4 million likes and followers, organically without paying for a single like,  and as he was doing that, he realized the joy that came from helping brands build their online presence.

Jacob and his team of online and social media experts work with small businesses, large corporations, and entrepreneurs to exponentially grow their brands online to get more leads and close more sales – without breaking the bank.  

Using Zig Ziglar’s time-tested and proven formula, Jacob built his life on six foundational building blocks: Faith, Love, Loyalty, Character, Honesty, and Integrity.

Through the years, Jacob has developed multiple social media marketing companies and has worked intimately with Zig Ziglar International.

Jacob and his team have helped businesses reach millions of potential customers using Facebook marketing and algorithm management.

He has taught thousands how to succeed in the digital marketing realm, and he’s excited to help you do the same.

 In this episode Jacob Salem you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business – from his experience in launching EZ Metrics.
  • Discover the authors that influenced his business success.

To connect with Jacob Salem.


Episode 018

Christian Mickelsen

 In this episode with Christian Mickelsen you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success
  • Learn how to make fears disappear forever
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your sales career or business – from his book “Abundance Unleashed

To connect with Christian Mickelsen 


Episode 017

Kevin W. McCarthy

Welcome back to another episode of How to Become an Obstacle Buster. I am host Warren Wandling and today my guest, Kevin W. McCarthy, will truly inspire you.  Since the late 1980’s Kevin has pioneered the conversation about Purpose. He is the best-selling author of two books The On-Purpose Person and The On-Purpose Business Person.

 In this episode with Kevin you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success
  • Learn the advantages of knowing your 2-word purpose to help you overcome obstacles
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your sales career or business – from his book “The On-Purpose Business Person
  • Discover the authors that influenced his business success.

To connect with Kevin W. McCarthy:

Episode 016

Sean Piket

Sean Piket has over 23 years of experience in sales, sales management, entrepreneurship, and business operations primarily at emerging-growth IT services firms ranging from start-ups to mid-market national systems integrators prior to launching Sales Integrity in 2004 as its Founder & CEO. Sean’s primary areas of expertise include creating, building and improving sales operations and improving individual selling effectiveness, efficiency and productivity through the implementation of sales coaching, sales process automation and sales recruiting services and solutions.

Sean has created leverage-able sales models, sales processes, and a sales methodology to aid him in the process of helping his clients achieve tangible business benefits and quantifiable sales growth results. Examples include the Sales Achievement Framework™ coaching curriculum for sales professionals, Sales Management Framework™ toolkit for sales managers, and Sales Infrastructure Framework™ blueprint for sales operations. Through Sean’s efforts he helps his clients increase sales between 10-25% annually, on average, and has helped the individual sales professionals he personally coaches collectively generate well over $100M in technology sales annually.

Sean is the past-President and former Chairman of the Board of the Dallas affiliate of Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI), the world’s largest association of sales and marketing management professionals. Sean is also the Co-founder of the national IT Roundtable association and sits on the DFW IT Roundtable board as Vice-Chairman in Dallas.

In April of 2016 Sean launched a new company featuring an online learning and coaching delivery software platform, MyCoachSite. Sean is the host of the weekly Sales Integrity Podcast and is currently writing a new book titled “Prospecting On Purpose”, which will be published in the Fall of 2017.

 In this episode with Sean you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients’ encounter.
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success.
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business –strategies from his Sales Strategy Consulting Services.
  • Discover the authors that influenced his business success.

To connect with Sean Piket:


Episode 015 

Benjamin Brown

Keynote Speaker and Sales Coach

Benjamin Brown is CEO of 360 Sales Consulting, a company specializing in helping businesses and entrepreneurs excel in sales and dramatically increase their bottom line.   Their proprietary sales system has become recognized as a “game changer” and is in demand by companies of all sizes throughout the United States.

Ben’s sales career of more than twenty years began with selling health club memberships and quickly worked into sales manager and sales director positions.  Ben’s diverse experience includes selling vehicles, computer products and services, voice recognition software, staffing services, and transportation services.


In this episode with Ben you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his client’s encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your Sales career or business – from his book “Master The Art of Closing The Sale
  • Discover the authors that influenced his business success.

To connect with Ben Brown:



Episode 014 

Meridith Elliott Powell

Business Keynote Speaker & Business Growth Expert

Creating Ownership At Every Level; Profits At Every Turn

Voted one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to watch by Currency Fair, Meridith Elliott Powell is an award-winning author, keynote speaker and business strategist. With a background in corporate sales and leadership, her career expands over several industries including banking, healthcare and finance.  Meridith worked her way up from entry-level to earn her position in the C-Suite. She is a Master Certified Strategist, Executive Coach and Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by less than twelve percent of professional speakers, and a member of the prestigious Forbes Coaching Council.

She has a cutting-edge message, rooted in real-life examples and real-world knowledge. She  is the author of four books, including Winning In The Trust & Value Economy (a finalist in the USA Best Book Awards) and her latest “Own It: Redefining Responsibility – Stories of Power, Freedom & Purpose about how to build cultures the inspire ownership at every level to create profits at every turn.

Meridith is regularly featured in publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Investment News, and American Banker among others. High energy and highly interactive, Meridith’s helps leaders and business owners learn the new rules of success today. How today’s economy has changed. How that has changed today’s customers and employees. And specifically how that affects your business.

In her highly engaging keynote-speaking sessions, Meridith shows her audiences how to attract more business, retain top talent, and leap into position to win in this new economy. No walking on coals, no breaking boards, just real-life strategies you can put into place first thing Monday morning.

 In this episode with Meridith you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle her clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to her success
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business – from her book Own it: Redefining Responsibility”
  • Discover the authors that influenced her business success.

To connect with Meridith Elliott Powell: 

Episode 013

Dan Goodwin  

After finishing a 19-year career in 2007 with Sprint as a Regional Security Manager, Dan embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and transitioned from corporate employee to entrepreneur. During his tenure at Sprint, Dan had completed both his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management and a Master’s in Business Administration. Dan is now back at his alma mater teaching Entrepreneurship at the Master’s level.

Upon leaving Sprint, Dan used his corporate skills and immediately began a consulting business specializing in Security and personnel issues. In addition to his consulting business, he and his wife established a real estate team and began working with investors. Later they also expanded their practice to help homeowners facing foreclosure as the real estate market crashed from 2008-2012.

Dan is currently CEO of Our Connected Lives, a coaching and consulting company which specializes in helping business owners as they move from startup to stability to scale up their businesses. Dan is a connector of people and has built an extensive network as he works to build relationships within the entrepreneurial community in Kansas City and beyond.  Dan is excited about his next opportunity as he helps launch a new venture helping business owners become members of a private, invite-only mastermind group, focused on education, personal growth, and scaling of current businesses.

 In this episode with Dan Goodwin, you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success
  • Learn one key insight from his soon to be released book “The Great Win – 25 Lessons I wished I Had Learned When I was 25”.
  • Discover the authors that influenced his business success.

To connect with Dan Goodwin: 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dgoodwinus/

Episode 012 

John Ramstead

John is a keynote speaker, former Navy fighter pilot, leadership coach, international podcast host and author of the “Top 100” leadership blog for Executives, Managers and CEO’s.

It is John’s purpose and joy to help individuals, companies, and government organizations reach their full potential. His 25 years as a Navy fighter pilot, serial entrepreneur, Fortune 500 management team member, board chair, and one who has held many other leadership positions, uniquely qualifies him for what he feels he is now called to do. Having been in your shoes, John truly understands the challenges you face.

John’s journey started when the U.S. Navy accepted him into flight school to become a Naval Aviator. The day he pinned on his wings of gold and received orders to fly the F-14 was the culmination of a dream he held since childhood. He went on to fly combat missions in Iraq and was selected to attend TOPGUN.

And then his dreams were shattered by a freak accident.  25 surgeries later, and with his life hanging in the balance, John emerged with a profound vision for how to live a life of significance.  In the time since, he has coached and mentored hundreds of individuals and companies.  His keynote speech “Beyond Influence” will teach and inspire you to stop holding back and take action TODAY!

 In this episode with John Ramstead, you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success
  • Be challenged and inspired by John’s life changing story
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business – from his book “Discover Your Core Values”

To connect with John Ramstead:


Eternal Leadership podcast -Subscribe to John’s podcast

Send John an email at john@eternalleadership.com

Episode 011 

Paul Cooley

Paul Cooley helps purpose minded entrepreneurs discover their WHY and get clear on their purpose in life. He then helps them express that purpose through their personal brand.

As a consultant & coach, Paul has been honored to speak at amazing events and conferences, co-host a radio show and work with amazing and diverse clients ranging from small business owners to personal brands and even Grammy nominated entertainers.

Paul believes you have a realm and he will help show you how to rule it in the marketplace and in life! 

You can find out more by visiting www.RuleYourRealm.com

In this episode with Paul Cooley:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle Paul’s clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that most contributed to Paul’s success
  • Discover how to overcome obstacles on a day to day basis
  • Learn valuable advice from Paul’s concept known as the “Realm of Awesome”,which is especially  helpful when launching a new business
  • You can find out more by visiting RuleYourRealm.com


Episode 010

Karla Bauer 

Karla works as an engineer during the day, (yes she’s a total geek!) but when she kicks off her work heels, she transforms into an award-winning singer, songwriter, and inspirational speaker. Karla continues to redefine the boundaries as an independent music artist being featured with a Contemporary Christian and Christmas station on Pandora Radio. You can also hear her music on many independent movie soundtracks and the playlists of radio stations worldwide. 

In this episode with Karla Bauer:

  • Discover, as a Singer / Inspirational Speaker, the greatest obstacle her fans encounter.
  • Identify the primary factors that contribute to her success.
  • Discover how she overcomes obstacles on a day to day basis.
  • Learn what authors, singers, songwriters have influenced Karla in her business.
  • As a mentor of G.L.O.W (Girls Leading Our World), learn one key strategy that she teaches middle and high school girls to help them succeed.

To connect with Karla Bauer  


Episode 009

Ann Sieg 

The author of some of the most widely read books in the world on how to get new customers and prospects to come to you, Ann Sieg is considered one of the pioneers of attraction marketing.

Since then, she has been able to impact the lives of 10’s of thousands of people, from CEOs to beginning entrepreneurs, through her groundbreaking coaching and training programs. Her reports have been read by over 400,000 people worldwide and she has helped many people achieve 6 and even 7 figure incomes – many of them through her free training alone.

After training thousands of entrepreneurs and direct sales reps how to build their own online sales funnels and info product businesses, Ann has since redirected her focus into the e-commerce retail space.

While having helped thousands of people become top sales producers in their companies, nothing has matched the rapid success her e-commerce students have reached. It is not at all uncommon for her students to cash flow their businesses in the first few days or weeks of starting their business.

Since this time Ann has developed multiple training courses, memberships and workshops to help meet her student’s needs at every level possible. Ann and her team deliver dozens of live, hands-on workshops every year across the country, as well as trips to China and the Canton Fair – the largest tradeshow in the world.

But what makes Ann’s community especially unique is the huge emphasis on a help-and-be- helped community that includes many private Facebook group support pages, high level accountability and tracking systems to gauge business activities and results, and a strong emphasis on leadership development that has groomed up a highly skilled team of consultants, coaches and trainers.

Ann’s vision is to help 1000 people generate $10,000 a month in revenue.  This is now entirely doable due to the rapidly growing e-commerce space combined with a powerful training system and community.  Members who never made a dime online now routinely hit the 100K mark in e-commerce sales.

In this episode with Ann Sieg, you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle her clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to her success.
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business
  • Discover why mindset is so important for being a business owner

How to connect with Ann Sieg:

E-Commerce Business School ™

Ann’s website


Episode 008

Tom Hopkins

Our guest  today has earned the reputation of being America’s #1 “How-To” Sales Trainer. Over 5 million salespeople, entrepreneurs, and sales managers on 5 continents have benefited from his live training events.

He perfected his selling skills during his 8-year real estate career in which he received numerous awards. In his last year selling real estate, he sold 365 homes – an average of one per day – something that was unheard of at the time and has rarely been matched.

Since that time, he has developed and customized his proven-effective selling skills for over 300 industries. He has authored 18 books on the subjects of selling and success. Over 2.9 million copies of those books have been read by sales pros the world over. He is also the 2013 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors. And, he’s  been acclaimed as the #1 Sales Guru 2 years in a row by Global Gurus.

He has dedicated his life to helping sales and marketing professionals improve their communication skills and increase sales revenues. 

In this episode with Tom Hopkins, you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle his clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to his success.
  • Learn how J. Douglas Edwards’ impacted Hopkins’ Life
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business – from his newest book “When Buyers Say No” 
  • Discover why you want to learn and perfect the Productivity Close. 

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Episode 007

Ty Bennett

When Ty was 21 years old, he and his brother Scott started a business in direct sales, which they built to over $20 million in annual revenue while still in their twenties. Since that time, he has developed over 500 sales managers globally with sales and leadership in 37 countries. As a young entrepreneur, Ty went on to found Leadership Inc. – a speaking and training company with a mission to empower individuals and organizations.
With a natural ability to engage and empower others, Ty draws on his experience in the trenches to share real and tangible techniques about the principles of leadership that continue to create his success. The founder of Leadership Inc., who has been featured as one of the Top 40 Under 40, Ty is a young fresh voice providing interactive presentations that are engaging, dynamic and inspiring.

His clients include some of the most recognizable brands in the world such as: Coca-Cola, Subway, Wounded Warrior Project, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Remax. Ty has shared the stage with celebrities, Olympians and world-renowned thought leaders such as President Bush and President Clinton.

Ty’s best-selling books – The Power of Influence and The Power of Storytelling: The Art of Influential Communication – are used in graduate courses at multiple universities including MIT, as today’s version of “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

June 2014, Ty Bennett received the CSP Designation. At just 32 years of age he is one of the youngest ever to receive the award in the shortest amount of time. Less than 5% of speakers earn the CSP honor.

Ty lives in Utah with his wife Sarah, daughters Andie and Lizzy and sons Tanner and Drew.

Learn more about Ty Bennett and check out his new book Partnership Is The New Leadership.


Episode 006

Debra Jason

Debra Jason is the award-winning author of  “Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget.” A professional speaker, direct response copywriter, and multi-faceted marketing consultant, she started her business, The Write Direction, in 1989.  Debra is also the recipient of the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association’s “Creative Person of the Year Award.” Her mission is to not only inspire, but to empower you with real-life, cost-effective marketing strategies — strategies that help you increase the visibility of your business so that you gain top-of-mind awareness and attract a steady stream of happy clients without breaking the bank. 

To learn more about Debra Jason:

Episode 005

Steve McCann

 Author Steve McCann has the benefit of more than two decades in sales, enjoying numerous awards and national recognition as a top sales performer in the Fortune 100 arena.


He is a nationally recognized authority in the skill of sales prospecting.  His work in this area is featured in hundreds of sales and personal development publications worldwide alongside other top experts including: Jeffrey Gitomer, Nido Qubein, Andrea Nirenberg, John David Mann, Jim Rohn, Laurie Brown, Tom Hopkins and many others.


Steve is author of the book, Client-Conscious Prospecting How to Overcome Call Reluctance and Reach Your Full Sales Potential. In addition he has authored the goal mastery CD program, The Snap Back Effect How to Propel Yourself to Record Goal Achievement. 


Steve McCann

Professional Speaker/Trainer

Steve McCann Productions



Episode 004

Bob Burg 

In this episode, Warren introduces you to Bob Burg.

Bob Burg shares great insight and strategies in building your business.

Bob Burg shares information on topics vital to the success of today’s businessperson. He speaks for corporations and associations internationally, including fortune 500 companies and numerous direct sales organizations.

Bob regularly addresses audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000 — sharing the platform with notables including today’s top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former United States President.

Although for years he was best known for his book Endless Referrals, over the past few years it’s his business parable, The Go-Giver (coauthored with John David Mann) that has captured the imagination of his readers.

It shot to #6 on The Wall Street Journal’s Business Bestsellers list just three weeks after its release and reached #9 on BusinessWeek. It’s been translated into 21 languages. It is his fourth book to sell  over 200,000 copies.


He and John David Mann have just released their newest book, another business parable focusing on influence and leadership. Entitled, It’s Not About You, it shows how focusing on others is the best way to obtain stratospheric success in your own life and business.

Bob is an advocate, supporter and defender of the Free Enterprise system, believing that the amount of money one makes is directly proportional to how many people they serve. A lover of animals, he is a past member of the Board of Directors for Safe Harbor, which is the Humane Society of Jupiter, Florida.

Click here to listen.  Bob Burg Bob Burg shares great insight and strategies in building your business.


Episode 003

LaDonna Brock

In this episode, Warren introduces you to LaDonna Brock.

Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Direct Selling Leader

In 1995 LaDonna Brock was left paralyzed from the waist down by a self-inflicted, accidental gunshot wound, but it certainly has not paralyzed her tenacious love for life.  For the past 15 years she has been speaking in high schools and middle schools, churches and to various civic groups about trauma prevention through a national program called Think First – Use Your Mind To Protect Your Body.

LaDonna has also had a direct sales business and been a leader in Celebrating Home for the past 12 years.  Although she expected to do every party in her home, which was accessible, she has instead gone wherever her hostesses invited her, including to homes in other states.  She’s never had the attitude of being paralyzed; never looked at the situations as obstacles, but instead as opportunities; never had an ‘I can’t’ or ‘I quit’ attitude; never thought she could do any less than what she put her mind – and heart – to do.

Her heart is in making a difference.  Whether forever changing the life of a child by helping them realize the power in their choices – be it day to day – buckle up or wear your helmet – or planning for their future with career or college decisions; or helping a young mother realize there is a way for her to help with the family income and still be a stay at home mom; or help the retired senior realize there is a way to have additional income in ways that go beyond the door greeter job; or helping the single (or married) mom that’s working three jobs already, just barely making ends meet, realize there is a way to make that much and more by working far less hours; or helping that wife that would like to contribute on those expensive items – like new carpet, a lawnmower, the second car, the kid’s college fund, or the basic needs in an ever changing economy; or the everyday person, man or woman, that enjoys helping other people get what they want, helping them decorate their world and get some extra cash in the process…they all matter to the person whom she’s able to connect with, and they are all situations in which she makes a difference!

From the beginning of her speaking all those years ago, to the privilege of being Ms.Wheelchair Kentucky in 2001, to the impact of empowering your team or organization, LaDonna’s passion is following God’s plan for her life and touching lives at every opportunity!  Her positive outlook and attitude are contagious and inspiring!

Contact LaDonna Brock today to speak to your team!   859-623-0659    byweelzigo@aol.com, Celebrating Home business at www.LaDonnaBrock.com

Click here to  listen.  LaDonna Brock shares great insight and strategies in building your business.

Project Family with Dale Sadler


Episode 002

Linda Lucas

In this episode, Warren introduces you to Linda Lucas.

Linda’s direct selling career began in the field as a very shy and insecure Consultant.  Through the belief in Linda and guidance of her manager Linda learned the skills needed which led to developing her own million dollar organizations.  Linda’s passion for helping others, to pay that belief and guidance forward, evolved to working as an executive in  direct selling companies.  From her first corporate opportunity as Director of Field Development, Linda’s knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of the profession brought additional opportunities as VP of Sales and Marketing, and President.  Linda was named Minnesota’s Working Woman of the Year, has been included in Who’s Who of American Women and holds various board positions. Linda was recognized in the 2009 – 30 Women of Power in Direct Selling, and in the 2009 Direct Selling Power 50.

Today, Linda is a multi-talented business woman having achieved the top of her field. She is the owner/president of her own company serving the direct selling profession as a business consultant,  an interim titled executive, a keynote speaker, and leadership trainer.  Linda is honored to be the International Area Chapter Director for Direct Selling Women’s Alliance,  is also an Advisor for the DSWA Diversity Center, and is a published co-author of “BUILD IT BIG” a best selling book now translated in 11 different languages.

In her personal life, her interests are her husband, their family, friends, her church, art and interior design – and our ’39 Chevy.  Her dream. her goal, is for her and her husband to take a year to ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪see the U.S.A., in our Chevrolet ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪and attend a street-rod car show every state.

You can learn more about Linda, and see that Chevy,  at her website  –  Lindalucas.com

Click here to  listen.  Linda Lucas shares great insight and strategies in building your business.



Episode 001 

Nicki Keohohou

In this episode, Warren introduces you to Nicki Keohohou

Nicki Keohohou is the founder of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.  Nicki began her career as a direct seller more than 30 years ago. Today she teaches and motivates direct sellers around the world through her workshops, seminars and tapes. She has been a successful distributor, corporate executive and consultant for hundreds of corporations including many of the industry’s leading companies.

Through conference trainings and keynote addresses, Nicki is known for inspiring attendees to greater achievement with her enthusiasm, passion and industry insights. Her innovative workshops are filled with content and exercises that teach direct sellers how to perfect the skills that yield lasting success.