Obstacle Buster- Interview Series – Nicki Keohohou

How to Become an Obstacle Buster Interview Series , host Warren Wandling takes you behind the scenes to get to know a variety of leaders and the keys to their success.  Discover how Leaders Overcome their Obstacles in order to achieve success.  In this episode, Warren introduces you to Nicki Keohohou.

Nicki Keohohou is the founder of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance.  Nicki began her career as a direct seller more than 30 years ago. Today she teaches and motivates direct sellers around the world through her workshops, seminars and recordings.  She has been a successful distributor, corporate executive and consultant for hundreds of corporations including many of the industry’s leading companies.

Through conference trainings and keynote addresses, Nicki is known for inspiring attendees to greater achievement with her enthusiasm, passion and industry insights. Her innovative workshops are filled with content and exercises that teach direct sellers how to perfect the skills that yield lasting success.

Nicki Keohohou Click here to  listen.  Nicki Keohohou shares great insight and strategies in building your business.

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