OB 011 How to Become an Obstacle Buster- Paul Cooley

Host Warren Wandling takes you behind the scenes to get to know a variety of leaders and the keys to their success. Discover how leaders overcome their obstacles in order to achieve success. In this episode, Warren introduces you to Paul Cooley.

Episode 011 – Paul Cooley


Paul Cooley helps purpose minded entrepreneurs discover their WHY and get clear on their purpose in life. He then helps them express that purpose through their personal brand.

As a consultant & coach, Paul has been honored to speak at amazing events and conferences, co-host a radio show and work with amazing and diverse clients ranging from small business owners to personal brands and even Grammy nominated entertainers.

Paul believes you have a realm and he will help show you how to rule it in the marketplace and in life! 


You can find out more by visiting www.RuleYourRealm.com



In this episode with Paul Cooley:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle Paul’s clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that most contributed to Paul’s success
  • Discover how to overcome obstacles on a day to day basis
  • Learn valuable advice from Paul’s concept known as the “Realm of Awesome”,which is especially  helpful when launching a new business
  • You can find out more by visitingRuleYourRealm.com




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OB 009 How to Become an Obstacle Buster Podcast with Ann Sieg

Host Warren Wandling takes you behind the scenes to get to know a variety of leaders and the keys to their success. Discover how leaders overcome their obstacles in order to achieve success. In this episode, Warren introduces you to Ann Sieg. 

Episode 009 – Ann Sieg 


The author of some of the most widely read books in the world on how to get new customers and prospects to come to you, Ann Sieg is considered one of the pioneers of attraction marketing.

Since then, she has been able to impact the lives of 10’s of thousands of people, from CEOs to beginning entrepreneurs, through her groundbreaking coaching and training programs. Her reports have been read by over 400,000 people worldwide and she has helped many people achieve 6 and even 7 figure incomes – many of them through her free training alone.

After training thousands of entrepreneurs and direct sales reps how to build their own online sales funnels and info product businesses, Ann has since redirected her focus into the e-commerce retail space.

While having helped thousands of people become top sales producers in their companies, nothing has matched the rapid success her e-commerce students have reached. It is not at all uncommon for her students to cash flow their businesses in the first few days or weeks of starting their business.

Since this time Ann has developed multiple training courses, memberships and workshops to help meet her student’s needs at every level possible. Ann and her team deliver dozens of live, hands-on workshops every year across the country, as well as trips to China and the Canton Fair – the largest tradeshow in the world.

But what makes Ann’s community especially unique is the huge emphasis on a help-and-be- helped community that includes many private Facebook group support pages, high level accountability and tracking systems to gauge business activities and results, and a strong emphasis on leadership development that has groomed up a highly skilled team of consultants, coaches and trainers.

Ann’s vision is to help 1000 people generate $10,000 a month in revenue.  This is now entirely doable due to the rapidly growing e-commerce space combined with a powerful training system and community.  Members who never made a dime online now routinely hit the 100K mark in e-commerce sales.

In this episode with Ann Sieg, you will:

  • Understand the greatest obstacle her clients encounter
  • Identify the primary factors that contributed to her success.
  • Receive advice to successfully launch your business
  • Discover why mindset is so important for being a business owner

How to connect with Ann Sieg:

E-Commerce Business School ™

Ann’s website


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Self-Confidence Part 4 Training Tip #10

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Self-Confidence- Training Tip #7


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The power of intention

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Success Tip – Habit


Success TIP

When I talk with clients about their HPA (high payoff activates), we discuss what habit’s they need to do daily to produce the results they are looking for. A strategy I use to help client’s get results is using a tracker.  What get’s measured gets done. The tip for today is to pick one new habit (HPA) that you want to sharpen or improve and start focusing on that new habit until ….it is a HABIT.  If you are involved with a direct sales company this one success tip could be the game changer for your business.

Make today positive!



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FUN, Simple and Profitable


Fun, Simple and Profitable !

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212 Coaching

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