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Enthusiasm.   The Magic of Thinking Success by Dr. David J Schwartz- a great book To make enthusiasm work miracles for you, remember: •Enthusiasm is your psychological ignition system. People succeed in direct proportion to their ability to turn on their enthusiasm. •Enthusiasm works “miracles in selling, in business, in sports, and in rearing a […]


How to Finish Strong for 2010

September 22rd is an important date as it marks the 100 day countdown of 2010. With that in mind, I want to thrown down a challenge, I want to provide you with an opportunity to redeem yourself and turn things around for the better and I mean much better.


5 Ways to Double Your Management Productivity

5 Ways to Double Your Management Productivity.
Decide to become an expert manager and double your productivity.
To become a top manager takes action and a desire to formulate a high performance work team.


Learn the top three strategies of high achievers to increase your business success

Do you find yourself working at a slow pace with a low energy? If you want to work as a high achiever, then analyze…

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